Too late. I’m gone.

We are past medio May. To my knowledge, the city of Amsterdam has still done nothing significant to apologize to the sex workers about their incredibly bigoted age-limit proposal.

I know of people trying to find out about the status of this surreal situation by sending questions to the politicians responsible. But the city of Amsterdam does not even give a polite reply or information about what is actually happening, including at which point of time some adults suddenly will not remain adults anymore. Who knows; in a typical socialistic manner perhaps they plan to implement this stigmatizing law proposal in silence? The city of Amsterdam has violated and bullied its sex workers, claiming they are not adults until they are 21 years old. As if sex workers were different from other people that are adults (i.e. 18 years of age), being able to make their own choices as adults

Black hole

Amsterdam: a black hole of bigotry

If you read my last blog, you will find more information about how the city of Amsterdam sends its citizens and visitors into a black hole by accepting bigotry.

I have now packed my stuff in my apartment in Amsterdam, and will settle in Germany instead – a country where all adults are considered as actual adults, no matter their legal occupation. I do expect more sincerity and respect from a solid and sofisticated country like Germany than from narrow-minded, small nations like Sweden, Norway (both countries with a general sex ban) and now The Netherlands (with a moral based adult definition).

Well, this is actually what is happening under the “cool surface” of Amsterdam, hence this blog is a huge recommendation to keep distance from this seemingly liberal city. I am sure I am not the only one feeling extremely embarresed and furious on behalf of the workers – and freedom in general.

I simply can’t breath there anymore (and this is not because of the really bad and polluted air). No, in this case an old lesson has not been learned: stupidity must never reach legaslitive power.

PS! Speaking of political rubbish; if the city of Amsterdam wishes to do something really important in the Red Light District, perhaps they could re-organize the trash collecting system. I assume the presence of numerous tourists and party people entails the need for a much better sanitation infrastructure; this is something Amsterdam really should optimize.

And please leave the sex workers in peace. They are not responsible for us having to wade in rubbish everywhere we go in-between the canals in RLD or downtown in general.

To the workers: good luck and stay cool. I hope you will gain the respect you deserve in the end. If not, please feel free to follow me to the free country named Germany.

And to the city of Amsterdam: from June 1, you have one less citizen. Shame on you for violating innocent adults. Luckily for me, I was more than 21 when I started to work with my art business in this city, so I am safe. Who knows what could be the next crazy idea from the city of Amsterdam: attacking artists under 21?

That’s it. Goodbye.

It is still bigotry



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