Settle. Live. Exit.

Dear Amsterdam,

– I settled here because I wanted to live in a free, liberal city.
– I settled here because here I could breathe and live in a sophisticated environment.
– I settled here because of the unique quality of your art and orchestras.
– I settled here because of your «live and let live» attitude, your tradition of accepting different people and cultures living side by side.
– I settled here because of your fascinating way of welcoming foreigners and not stigmatizing any particular businesses.
– I settled here because of your sporting qualities and outdoor recreation; cycling in particular.

Yes, I wished so much to settle here that I started the process of becoming a Dutch citizen in 2011.


Amsterdam, what have you done to yourself?

In 2013, out of the blue, you have turned your liberal reputation upside-down. Your recent bigoted behavior against adult sex workers is so ridiculous and un-sophisticated that I do not wish to live here anymore. I settled here because of the above-mentioned reasons.

Amsterdam, as a consequence you are not better than any other fanatical city or country that practices socialist-religious bigotry on its people.

And no, I am not a sex worker, but I wanted to establish myself within technology and arts in The Netherlands. After the latest foolish proposal from the city of Amsterdam regarding its sex workers, I will have to cancel my citizenship process and move on to settle in a European country that still respects general freedom for all. Even if the proposal should be withdrawn in the very last second, I might not stay here. This is because I am deeply skeptical about countries where morality-based proposals are considered at all.Amsterdam Flag: The official flag of the city of Amsterdam. The city motto is Valor, Resolution, and Mercy. The three X's, saltires (St Andrew's crosses), are taken to represent these even though the X's are older than the motto. A popular tradition also links the X's to the three threats to the city: Water, Fire and Pestilence.

Amsterdam, when you introduce violating, moralizing laws that do not suit your reputation as a freedom preserving nation, this is what you can expect from now on:

– You do no longer deserve the description of being a liberal, free city.
– I cannot breathe and feel the sophistication with you anymore.
– The violating morality-laws will soon be noticeable in the quality of your art and orchestras, because moralization affects all people it concerns in the short and long run. The unique characteristics of performing arts will become diluted.
– The «live and let live» motto will not be credible anymore, since various employments will not exist side by side, due to illogical reasons.
– All Dutch «welcoming» people will be analyzed by certain visitors in order to find out who are bigoted and stigmatizing and who are not.
– The charming city bicycles now symbolize running wheels of bigotry more than the whirling breeze of freedom.

I feel trapped here now and may have to find an exit real soon. This is so sad, Amsterdam, but this time you have dug your own grave.

Thank you for the time we spent together.

I Wasterdam.



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